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Serenity of Less
Research House for Asian Art 
October 6 -29,2023

Group exhibition featuring four Chicago Asian American artists, Dabin Ahn, Kioto Aoki, Myungah Hyon, and Aya Nakamura whose work share a collective economy of style that is calm, relaxed, and peaceful in both aesthetic and concept. Where less becomes more, not maximalist chaos but a minimalist poetic and a certain quietude exuding a simplicity while focusing on craftsmanship, materials, and process."

–YoungSun Choi (curator)

逆立ち / Handstand (2023)
silver gelatin print, 8"x10" (top) 11"x14" (bottom)

Signature Bun (2023)
Unique photogram hung at artist bun height, silver gelatin print. 5”x7". Ongoing series

En Cuerna (2023)
silver gelatin print, 5”x7”

8.875 (2022)
16mm red leader, measured to artist's height at 213 frames. Edition of 8.

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