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Hairpin Mfg. Co. (2020)

Photograms using namesake "Hump Hair Pin" & "No.900 Liberty Belle Hair Pins " from the early 20th century Chicago-based Hump Hairpin Mfg. Co., patented in 1903. Exhibited at the former offices (through 1947) of the Hump Hairpin Mfg. Co., built by business founder Solomon H. Goldberg. The building is currently and art space, aptly named The Hairpin Arts Center.

Made for group exhibition 思考回路•Shikoukairo II: Patterns of Thought 
July 8-31, 2020  at the Hairpin Arts Center

No. 900 (2020)
unique edition of 3 gelatin silver prints
entire box of No. 900 hairpins used between three prints
12x36 inches

Hump Hair Pin No. 3 (2020) 

unique edition of 30 gelatin silver prints

5x7 inches

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