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Opalesque Arabesque 

El Otro Mono (Cuernavaca, Mexico); solo exhibition

August 2023 

The works from Opalesque Arabesque inspired by the anthropomorphic sculptures of Olmec and Tlatilco civilizations and the Jomon period of Japan. These prehistoric sculptures, despite originating from opposite sides of the world and with seemingly no connection, reveal similar configurations and forms of the human body; the rendering of the eyes, the body with arms or legs outstretched. Collaged gelatin prints create new configuration of the artist's body, weaving the innate human instinct to visually depict the human form with the artist's engaging the one material always available for creative expression: the body. The mounting on amate (bark paper produced from ancient times) reference additional material histories of prehistoric Mexico.

Printed in darkroom at Aulux Lab in Cuernavaca, Mexico. 

gelatin print photographs on amate paper

120mm negative on glass door

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